5th IEEE International Conference on BioInspired Processing, BIP 2023

Steering Committee

The BIP Steering Committee is made up of representatives from each of Costa Rica's public universities, and they are active members of IEEE.


Among other related tasks, the Steering Committee is in charge of:


• Reviewing, approving or modifying the key terms that define the scientific character of the conference.

• Ratifying the different organizing committees for each edition of BIP.

• Acting as governing body and director of the conference in all those matters that are not specific to each particular edition.

• Analyzing, validating or rejecting the celebration of BIP editions outside of Costa Rica, and/or in cooperation with third parties, and/or the joint or dependent celebration of BIP with other conferences or events of scientific interest.

• Acting as decision-making body in case of differences of criteria, appeals or any other problem that may occur

• Any other administrative or decisive matters of the Conference that do not correspond to the Committees of particular editions, or that require the participation of the Steering Committee

Designated Members


Juan Luis Crespo Mariño,  Dr.Ing. Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Vice President

Esteban Meneses Rojas,  Ph.D. Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología

Secretary 1

Andrés Segura Castillo,  M.Sc. Universidad Estatal a Distancia

Secretary 2

Álvaro Mena Monge,  MSI. Universidad de Costa Rica

Institutional Representatives

Carlos Gamboa Venegas, M.Sc.              Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología

Cindy Jiménez Picado, M.Sc.                   Universidad Estatal a Distancia

Esteban Arias Méndez, MSc.                    IEEE Costa Rica Section

Giovanni Sáenz Arce, Dr.                         Universidad Nacional

Marvin Coto Jiménez, Dr.                         Universidad de Costa Rica

Mauricio Rodríguez Calvo, M.Sc.             Universidad Técnica Nacional

Saúl Calderón Ramírez, Ph.D.                  Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Stefany Solano González, Ph.D.              Universidad Nacional