San Marcos de Tarrazú

San Marcos de Tarrazú is located 70km south from San José. Surrounded by the mountains of Sierra de Talamanca, San Marcos is 1.350mts above sea level, on the north side of Río Pirrís.

The city was established in 1820 with the name of Hato de Dota, and its basic economic activities were growing beans, corn, and sugar. Around 1890 the first coffee plantations appeared, taking advantage of the area's geography: red soil of volcanic origin, high altitude, the slopes of the mountains give in the morning light and the cloud cover protects the coffee trees in the afternoon. Currently, San Marcos is popularly known for its high-quality coffee production, recognized among the best arabica coffee beans worldwide. As an example, the Tarrazú Geisha Palmilera Coffee, produced by Beneficio La Candelilla, is the most expensive coffee sold by Starbucks Company.

Bird watching is another important activity, since beautiful species as quetzals can be easily spotted in the area, as well as small mammals.

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